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The instructions for this game are as follows;

“You have lost your keys, and now you are locked inside a room. Can you figure out a way to escape?”

So far I’ve picked up a camera and looked through a hole in the wall, I see that key but cannot get it!

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Remote Escape

15 Responses to “Remote Escape”

  1. fgdf Says:


  2. vivani Says:

    In the walkthrough it says get a coathanger. I cant find it anywhere!!

  3. Diogenes Says:

    The coathanger is in the bin to the left of the computer, i think. What does the remote do, and where did you find that camera?

  4. tish Says:

    To get the camera u need to go to the door with the 3 colors and click in order – red, green, blue. The door will open and the camera is inside

  5. PIPER Says:


  6. CJ Says:

    The fuse is under the carpet in the corner where the “vase” stands.
    But hmmmm I donĀ“t know more…. need help!

  7. MSRED Says:

    pick up the knife from behind the locked drawers. Get the screwdriver from the left top drawer. Use screwdriver on the firealarm to get the battery. Projection slide loacted under the right chair. Magnet under the couch. Press red,green,blue on picture to get camera. Lift up corner of carpet beside the round planter to get fuse. 2nd projection slide on top of lock cabinet. Coat hanger from waste basket. Use screwdriver to remove cover from box under the tv. Place fuse in box. Thats all I know

  8. MSRED Says:

    oh and there is one more slide beside the waste basket in what looks like a pipe coming down from the wall.

  9. asma Says:

    and now what

    any one know

  10. aubriel Says:

    what do we do with da camera cuz i cnt get it to take the picture

  11. aubriel Says:

    somebodiii help me

  12. aubriel Says:

    i dnt see the other slide screen

  13. Tenochtitlana Says:

    take hall-stand and join with battery and it will be control panel for car

  14. Rins Says:

    Okay okay, here it is:
    the slide and knife don’t really do anything I think…
    there’s a key in one of the table’s legs, use it on the wall-cabinet to get a car. open the right socket to get 2nd key, use on cabinet and get remote controll. fix magnet and camera to car, and place car on floor next to door. fic coathager and battery to remote.
    go to computer screen and use remote….
    go back to car and take keys.

    leave the room!

  15. some one Says:

    clik on water and then clik on pen knife

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