Basement Escape

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New Game! New Game! New Game!

Now our best escape game friend has got himself into some bother in a basement, he is stuck and has no way of getting out. Help him get out and I’m sure he will appreciate it!

Leave a comment and help others get out too.

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111 Responses to “Basement Escape”

  1. Charly Says:


  2. Steve Says:

    Got a key and a hammer, also got drunk in the fridge. No idea what to do now

  3. steve Says:

    got hammer knife screwdriver key then battery and 2 yellow things put in code pull wire off or use screwdriver to kill power dont know wat to do next help

  4. steve Says:

    cant find where 2nd key goes

  5. yak Says:

    Where do you get the battery from?

  6. TomJ Says:

    Where is the screwdriver?

  7. Nick Says:

    driving me nuts I’ve gotten everything and put in the code from the black bottle with the label and can’t seem to do anything else.

  8. Nick Says:

    where does the first key go? and where is the second key?

  9. Nick Says:

    and what are those two yellow things and the big blue thing they were found behind?

  10. Nick Says:

    figured it out. I’m out

  11. audrey Says:

    The screwdriver is in the fridge. What do you do with the wine bottles?

  12. um Says:

    1.code off bottle with the label and can’t seem to do anything else=134????
    3.clock+key=battery + screwdriver=bulb
    5.bulb+battery=bulb on
    6.screwdriver + wire off=
    7.secretbox left ? <-click!=second key
    8.yellow things + on the water tank= yellow things
    double click click!!!
    9.yellow things drag on the floor
    10.hammer + yellow pipe = escape….

  13. um Says:

    8.yellow things + on the watertank
    two hammer= wait 30second

  14. louis Says:

    i dont get what the yellow things are meant to do

  15. giuliana Says:

    ok, the screwdriver is in the fridge, but WHERE in the fridge???!!! I’m going crazy with this game. And my hand started to hurt :)))

  16. tom Says:

    how do i get the second key?

  17. Den Says:

    where should I put that yellow things?and what should I do with the hammer?

  18. the nana Says:

    Someone tell me where to find the screwdriver in the fridge.

  19. the nana Says:

    ok, nm found and got the bulb.

  20. the nana Says:

    got a glowing bulb, two little yellow thingies

  21. kevy Says:

    Got drunk in the fridge. lol!

  22. Titch Says:

    Where is the screwdriver?

  23. wildcat Says:

    where is the secret box on the left

  24. abc Says:

    screwdriver behing red cans in the upper part (try the black thing between the first and the second one, starting from the left)

  25. um Says:

    1.code off bottle 1341965 see =secretbox 1341965click
    4.screwdriver in the fridge =between two red drinking water + screwdriver=bulb
    5.bulb+battery=bulb on
    6.screwdriver drag + wire off=
    7.secretbox left <-click!=second key
    8.yellow things + on the water tank + hammer drag yellowpipe two click 10scend wait= yellow things expand
    9.yellow things drag on the floor
    10.hammer + yellow pipe = window + scend key= escape
    p.s =in regular sequence
    i`m sorry english very hard T.T

  26. johnnypinball Says:

    what could those yellow things possibly do? please don’t say ‘yellow things + water tank’ because i’ve tried to put them together 2900 times.

  27. bob Says:

    plz can som1 nce plz tel me where v 2nd key is? plz plz plz!!!!!!!!

  28. bob Says:

    um can u explain v secret box thingy

  29. grg Says:

    it doesnt work yellow things dont expand they dont go anywhere as far as i know

  30. ev Says:

    code is 1341965

  31. alex Says:

    second key, knife, the two yellow things that go on the water pump, hammer and battery I have found. What do I do next and where is the screw driver and where does the second key go and what do we use the battery for and what do we use the hammer for

  32. FrankBoy13 Says:

    I put the yellow things(floaties)on TOP of the heater and waited 30 secs., they puffed up and i put them on the ground.
    I got away see yah!

  33. cheyanne Says:

    where is da waterpump and da heater?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  34. cheyanne Says:

    plz help me i cant fnd da heatr

  35. Rachel Jane =] Says:

    =[ im sooo confused. i need help

  36. cheyanne Says:

    what with rachel

  37. redd Says:

    Where is the 2 key and I am floating at the top what to do. I need a beer for real

  38. Kristy Says:

    Do this in order or it won’t work.

    1. There is a brown box on the left of the basement. Click on box. There is a hammer on the far left of the box, take it. The date on the black wine bottle with the large sticker is the code for the code box. Enter the date as the code in the code box. This must be done before you touch the clock.

    2. There is a key under the brown box that the TV sits on. Get it. Click on the clock, put the key in the bottom right corner of the clock, then click on the far right side of the clock. At the back of the clock click on the black square until you see the battery. Take battery. If you do this without the key (it is possible) you won’t be able to finish.

    3. Click on the fridge. Open the fridge. There are red cans at the top and one of them has a bit of a space. There is a screwdriver there. Really, there is.

    4. Unplug the TV. Click on the back of the TV. Use the screwdriver to open the TV by click on the screws with the screwdriver, once inside open the next thingy with the screwdriver. Take the light bulb. Combine battery with bulb.

    5. There should be a lighter grey line on the wall to left of the code box. Click it. It should open and reveal a key. Take it.

    6. Pick up yellow thingers from behind the banana shaped surf board. Put them on the water tank on the left of the room. They are water wings that are not inflated. If you leave them alone, they will inflate.

    7. Above the TV is the circuit breaker/fuse box. Drag the screwdriver to the top part of grey box. It should make sparks. Keep doing this until the room goes black. Then click on the little switch on the light bulb. This should illuminate the room.

    8. Once the yellow things have inflated, drag them to the floor in the middle. This will mean you are wearing them.

    9. Use the hammer on the water tank pipe. There is a tiny yellow part under it that you can break with the hammer. You will have to click several times. Water should start gushing into the room.

    10. You will float to the window, there you use the second key (the one you didn’t use on the clock) and unlock the window. YOU ARE FREE!

  39. sweetlolo01 Says:

    1.Get the yellow deflated floats behind the blue board.
    2.Place them on top of the gray water tank.
    3.Get the hammer out of the box of wine.
    4.Click the black bottle of wine and write down the date which will be used as the code to the box on the wall. ~ 1341965
    5.Open fridge and get the scredriver behind the red cans.
    6.Go to the little gray box on the wall and enter the code from the wine bottle.
    7.Unplug the TV go behind it and use screw driver to unscrew the screws ( 4 screws total). Click the lightbulb to release it.
    8.Get small key on the floor in front of the brown box the tv is sitting on.
    9.Put it in the key slot on the clock and click the circle part of the key to open the back of the clock. Get the green battery and combine it with the light bulb.
    10.Now u should see a line in the wall. Click the line to get the second key.
    11.Put the now inflated yellow floats on the floor.
    12.Use the screwdriver on the green box on the wall about 3 times and the lights should go out.
    13. Turn the lightbulb on and use the hammer on the bottom of the water tank.
    14.You will now float up and once at the top use the key to unlock the window and escape.

  40. meagan Says:

    all i have is a key and hammer but there is no door that i can find??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. meagan Says:

    cant get floats on tank this is making me mad

  42. tim Says:


  43. siddhishah Says:

    how to use any thing????????
    how will i put key in the hole?????????/

  44. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t find the 2 key

  45. Anonymous Says:

    you have to put them on the side.

    do you know where the 2 key?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    do you know where the 2 key is?

  47. Union Says:

    wheres the damn line

  48. t5tyr Says:

    ppppppppppppppoooooooooooooooppppppppppp on this game i cany get the stupid key

  49. sam Says:

    no comment i have to tell

  50. sandy Says:

    you had a good one! it was easy to get out that way :)))

  51. bob Says:


  52. basement Says:

    plz, i dont get it,what do you mean “put them on the side”?
    I have tried million times

  53. Anon Says:

    theres a key under the box, and after putting in the correct code(on the black wine bottle)a line will appear on the wall, click it and find a key

  54. gorge Says:

    tell me all of the answers now !

  55. em80 Says:

    Basement Escape Walkthrough
    1. Click on the brown box on the left. The hammer is on the top left corner. Click on the black bottle (it has a gold seal on it). That is the code for the keypad.
    2. Click on the keypad and enter the code. It will glow but nothing else will happen just yet. Keep an eye out for a thin gray line next to the keypad in a bit.
    3. Disconnect the TV by clicking on the plug. Take the key from under the TV stand.
    4. Click on the clock on the wall and use the key to open it. Click on the black square until it opens to reveal the battery.
    **By now the grey line should appear next to the keypad. Click on it and get the second key.
    5. Open the fridge. DON’T drink the beer! In between the first and second cans up top is a screwdriver.
    6. Click the back of the TV. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the panel and the inner panel. Take the lightbulb. Connect the bulb to the battery.
    7. At the bottom of the surfboard are two yellow “things”. Next to that is the water heater. The yellow things go on top of the water heater on the right and left sides of the pipe. They will begin to inflate.
    8. In the meantime, take the screwdriver and place it on the circuit breaker above the TV. The tip of the screwdriver goes in between the grey box and the smaller green box above it. Click on the screwdriver a couple of times. You will see sparks and then the lights go out.
    9. Click on the little red switch on the lightbulb to illuminate the room. Bring the now inflated “swimmies” down to the floor. Use the hammer to break the water heater pipe on the bottom (yellow) corner.
    10. You will float up towards the window in your swimmies and the rest is for you to figure out…
    **Remember, sometimes you have to click on things a few times to get it!

  56. Anonymous Says:

    how do wear the floaties

  57. Matthew Graves Says:

    Still cant get the waterwings on the water tank. Explain better how, cuz the game is too touchy, or do it and post a pic please.

  58. gfjbvdahfafh Says:

    how do i turn on the lightbulb, and how do i use the screwdriver on it. agh im going nuts :D

  59. edrienne Says:

    tell me all of the anwers now

  60. edrienne Says:


  61. edrienne Says:

    i hate it

  62. Elizabeth Says:

    Go to the clock and put the key in the little slot. Then click on it a coulple times. Next click on he black box and take out the battery. Go to the little box with the wine, and find the right code. When you think you’ve got it, go to the little panel on the wall.Type in the code.

  63. Elizabeth Says:

    if you dont have the key from underneath the tv get it.then go to the clock and insert it in the little slot. Next click on the black box and take out your battery.

  64. Elizabeth Says:

    there is a code on all of the wine bottles. just pick the right one and enter it on the keypad.

  65. Elizabeth Says:

    how do you get the screwdriver?i know it’s in the fridge but how do you get it?

  66. mizzy1721 Says:

    i havent floated to window yet?

  67. mizzy1721 Says:

    how i flote?

  68. Roxanne Says:

    I need to know how i get the floatees on the water heater. i was trying to put it the side of the pipes but it wont stay

  69. Roxanne Says:

    forget it i give up

  70. Sara Says:

    screwdriver is behind cans on top shelf in fridge

  71. Maffia7 Says:

    The code is on the winebottle with a golden thing…

  72. Maffia7 Says:

    behinde these red thing beside the beer

  73. Maffia7 Says:


  74. Anonymous Says:

    where i can turn the power off???????

  75. treyster Says:

    dude how do u find the right code

  76. treyster Says:

    alright iv got the 2nd key but where now

  77. treyster Says:

    2nd keys in a little hole after u type in the code open the fridge and close the fridge

  78. treyster Says:

    dudes where do i go now i’ve got the light bulb from behind the tv but stuck now

  79. gemma Says:

    what little hole im stuck iv typed the code in it flashed green now what iv got the battrey and everything

  80. gemma Says:

    its behind the the stuff in the frezer at the top or on the top shelf

  81. gemma Says:

    how do I get the second key im so bad at this game

  82. gemma Says:

    behind the red thins next to the beer

  83. Anonymous Says:

    You are the most Unintelligent bunch I have ever seen!

  84. sarah Says:

    thanks so much!

  85. ... Says:

    where is the lighter grey line ?!!!!???

  86. Anonymous Says:

    after you put the what do you do next

  87. Anonymous Says:

    where is the heater

  88. lucy Says:

    where is the light bulb

  89. beryl Says:

    on the wine with there golden thing

  90. FcB Says:

    were is the door??

  91. ?? Says:

    forget it you cant put floaties on heatr so you cant escape(give up)

  92. Anonymous Says:

    the pipe wont break?

  93. emily Says:

    where is the screwdriver

  94. no one Says:

    this game f’ing sucks, can get the floats to go n the waterheater. oh and Bob your a f’ing a** hole.

  95. Carolina Says:

    I Cant get the floaties to go on the tank can u show or explain better on how to…

  96. danielle haesley Says:

    on 1 of the wine bottles it is 1341965

  97. Anonymous Says:

    there is no screwdriver in the frige

  98. Christy montrone Says:

    Well first of all the key is at at behind the butter!

  99. Christy montrone Says:

    The code is 1341965

  100. Christy montrone Says:

    Well why not make the light!

  101. Christy montrone Says:

    WEll u can make the light

  102. Christy montrone Says:

    nothing the code is 1341965

  103. Christy montrone Says:

    start making ur light and then you can blow up your floaties that is where you put it on put it on the hot water system and then you can turn off the lights and then
    break the hot water system which is where you can float to the top and use
    the 2nd key to open the window and then your out!

  104. Christy montrone Says:

    yeah there is it is behind the butter way at the top

  105. Christy montrone Says:

    just click somewhere jeez no offense but some of these comments are annoying me to heck!

  106. Christy montrone Says:

    behind the butter in the fridge which is wayyy at the top not to much of the top!

  107. Christy montrone Says:


  108. uh Says:

    how do i break the waterpump

  109. uh Says:

    how do i use the swerdriver to turn of the power

  110. uh Says:

    when i try to break the waterpump the hammer goes back to the box where everything you find goes why does it do that and how do we break the pump

  111. uh Says:

    why wont the waterpump not break HELP me nowwwwwwwwwwwwww

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