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Now here is an escape game I can relate to! Click the link below to play the game or leave a comment and lets try to finish.

“You went to the gym to exercise, but unfortunately got trapped inside. You will have to find way out. Use objects found in the gym to escape”

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Gym Escape Game

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  1. Zib Says:

    Take dumbbell rod, notice key on treadmill.
    Click right of the heavy bag, where the cables are to zoom in. Click dark cable to see a switch, turn it. Now you can take the key from the treadmill. Zoom out and turn right.
    Open right cupboard with key, take cable and knife.
    Take circular saw, click on it in your inventory and attach the cable (at the bottom of it).

    Go back left. Use knife on heavy bag to get another key.

    Use knife on both upper corners of the black poster to see another switch, use it
    Zoom out and click on the rests of the poster to zoom in. Put the saw next to the treadmill and plug it in

    Zoom out and click the fencing. Use the saw on all four sides. Destroy the mirror with the rod. In the lower left corner you find a handle

    Go back right and open left cupboard with key. Take the metal rod. Use it with the handle (hardest part of the game!) to make a screwdriver

    Zoom on the bike. Click it under the saddle to move it. Zoom on the vent, unscrew the screws


  2. Plebb Says:

    How do you stop the tredmill?

  3. Steve Says:

    I cant find the dumbell bar anywhere, also what do you mean about the ‘cables are’? I cant turn the tredmill off.

  4. al Says:

    i cant zoom in

  5. belicia Says:

    me too

  6. belicia Says:

    how to turn off the tredmill?

  7. freddie Says:

    how do u use the saw

  8. jh Says:

    how do u use the saw

  9. jh Says:

    click it

  10. jh Says:

    mee too

  11. Dj Says:

    how do i find the switch?

  12. Dj Says:

    how to put the cable??

  13. jblues Says:

    I can’t move the bike to get to the vent!?

  14. jblues Says:

    I got it. That thing was HEAVY!

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