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Somehow you have managed to get yourself stuck inside your garage (although my garage has a bar and a big screen TV so I would be happy to get stuck inside).

“You are stuck inside of a garage! Use the items in the garage and figure out a way to escape”

Use as usual your mouse to find stuff, do stuff, interact with stuff and get out of that garage. Leave a comment below and help me get out as well!

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Garage Escape Game

8 Responses to “Garage Escape Game”

  1. jp Says:

    this am isw cool

  2. asma Says:

    I found the knife ,cutter , screwdriver , match , ultra-violet bulb
    but I don’t know what do whit these thinges
    help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. asma Says:

    I do it

  4. asma Says:

    Click on boxes, pick up knife

    Click on paint, pick up wire cutters

    Click left to move,

    Click on top of door area, get bulb,

    Click left,

    Click on otherside of wood, get screwdriver

    Click left,

    Click on bike,

    Click on rightside of bike,

    Get match,

    Click on draws, click behind,

    Use knife to open tear on carpet,

    Use wire cutters to get wire,

    Put wire on car battery,

    Light match of it,

    Move left and click on box,

    Use screwdriver to open it,

    Put match next to controls,

    Wait for temp to increase and air con to come on,

    Click on vent and get key,

    Move to shelfing box, use key on it,

    Get the torch,

    Place bulb in torch,

    Click on table, click around table,

    Shine light on underside of table and find key code,

    Use to the code on the door to escape!

  5. Hally Says:

    Thanks.. cool game

  6. Anonymous Says:

    whats the code i cant find it

  7. layelll Says:

    i dnt get where 2 put the match … wat control the one tht controls the vent? well i been w8in 4 the last hourr it hasnt done nethinggg

  8. just me Says:

    nice game, thanks asma!

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