Balcony Escape Game

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Our latest game we have just released here at GH leaves you stuck on a balcony and cannot get off!

“You are trapped on a balcony high up on a building, you must find 5 keys to get back inside”

Leave a comment below and try to get off the balcony

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106 Responses to “Balcony Escape Game”

  1. Fpp Says:

    Found a screwdriver and knife, no idea what to do with them

  2. chloe Says:

    where do i find them

  3. Z Says:

    Flower pots and chairs investigation

  4. mans Says:

    How to invest pots and chairs….??

  5. a Says:

    knife dig screw drive wood on right

  6. sultan misr Says:

    have only 2 keys

  7. vanessa Says:

    We must take the screwdriver under the seat, shovel behind the flower pot, the box behind the seat and the key.
    Take the shovel and scrape the earth from the flower pot to find a code.
    Click repeatedly earthen pot falls to go unscrew the wooden balcony, put on the pot upside down and click on the other side to send the box in the air. The scaling down. on the second floor take the key under the mat. I can not do something else
    someone has an idea?
    (sorry for English I am French)

  8. Mr. Beer Says:

    Same as Vanessa here!

  9. Mr. Beer Says:

    Found a code under the plant in 1st balcony but useless

  10. h77 Says:

    on the 1st balcony what shall i donow

  11. h77 Says:

    sorry i mean 2st balcony

  12. S Says:

    You’ll find a third key by clicking at the metal box several times until it flips over. Then you can cut a hole in it using the knife (or the screwdriver, don’t quite remeber).

    I can use the screwdriver on the corner of the pipe and on the stain on the codepaper asweell, but nothing happens. I only hear a noice when I do this.

    Aneone else noticed that?

  13. S Says:

    Fourth key in the pipe, about halfway down. Use the screwdriver on the pipe, on one spot the screwdriver makes a darker noise. Use the knife there several times and you’ll get the key.

  14. John Says:

    1st key under the mat
    2nd key in the box
    3rd key in the pipe

  15. John Says:

    Oh and 4th key behind the chair(1st balcony)

  16. Mario Says:

    4th key behind left chair 1st floor, almost not to see so try to click a few times

  17. Mario Says:

    I can’t find the 5th key and the code is still useless. I tried a few combinations but nothing happend…. any clues ?

  18. kitti Says:


  19. ???????? Says:

    17 36 71 136 259 496 959

  20. John Says:


  21. kitti Says:


  22. kitti Says:

    Yeah! Win!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    its not working

  24. hayley Says:

    any1 help stuck

  25. hayley Says:

    hello any1 there that cn help plzzz

  26. juju Says:

    found a picece of wood ?

  27. John Says:

    I mean why did you know the after part of the code are 259 496 959?Any law?

  28. bm j,h Says:

    i tried that and it doesnt work?

  29. Jun Says:

    codepaper is 17, 36, 71, 136… it is math.
    71*2=142-6 +2, -1, -6, -13…
    136*2=272-13 /-3/ /-5/ /-7/….
    ok..?? there is in 5th key^^

  30. John Says:

    I still don’t get it =”=…

  31. jake Says:

    weres the 5th key

  32. jake Says:

    1.key under chair
    2.key in pipe
    3.key in metal box
    4.key un second floor mat

  33. jake Says:

    how did u get 259 496 959

  34. jake Says:

    wats the end code

  35. jake Says:

    wats the code 4 alarm

  36. Dave Says:

    So they already gave you the code above. 17 36 71 136 259 496 959. Just put that into the bottom keypad. 173671136259496959 and press ok. Bammo 5th key.

  37. Kelly Says:

    How do you get the metal box

    Wheres the second floor mat?

    Key under chair?


  38. Tata Says:

    The 5 keys open the door upstairs!!

  39. stephen Says:

    how the hell do u8 open the pipe ????????????

    tell me now

  40. stephen Says:

    please its doeing my head in

  41. bill Says:

    where can i find the keys?

  42. aaa Says:

    5th key where?

    second floor 2 , thare is 2 long chair.
    what should i do with screwdriver

    something sound on tha chair.

  43. jojo Says:

    1.key behind chair on the floor
    2.key in pipe (saw with knife)
    3.key in metal box (saw with screwdriver
    4.key un second floor mat lock with code 173671136259496959
    go upstairs

  44. aaa Says:

    no,no,sorry.i still have 5th key.and,now,upstairs.

    what should I do at upstairs?????

    five key used at upstairs.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Several times more to click the the basin on the right

  46. Elaine Says:

    where’s the key behind chair on the floor? which floor? which chair? please tell me!

  47. Elaine Says:

    where’s the fifth key?

  48. tyler Says:

    how do u open the box to get the key or get on the second floor?

  49. sean Says:

    How can u know the code?

  50. jskad Says:

    i can´t find the key in the pipe! can anyone help me?

  51. jskad Says:

    to open the box click on it several times.
    but do you know something about the key on the pipe?

  52. paige simmons Says:

    what do i do?

  53. Sergio Says:

    como acharam a continuidade do codigo ?

  54. Toast Says:

    Ok, here si what to do…
    1. find the screw driver behind/ under right chair on 1st story.
    2. Find kinf (sorry for bad spelling) behid flower pot with flower.
    3. Find box behind left chair on 1st story.
    4. Find small key under left chair on 1st story.(Little thing off to left)
    5. Find box under left chair on 1st story.
    6. Click emty flower pot many times untill it moves.
    7. Use screw driver to undo wood hand rail by fense. (there little black dots.)
    8. take peace of wood that u un screwed and put it on the flower pot.
    9. Put box onto of wood and click top od the wood
    10. Click the latter and go up.
    11. click bottom left rug and get key under.
    12. Put keys in spot by upstars key holes.
    13. dig in flower pot to get half of a code.
    14. Click on blue box down stars and type code
    15. 36 71 136 295 496 959 (don’t know where u get it?) Then get the key that comes.
    16. Take the screw driver and click on the pipe untill u hear a nose that sounds diffrent then the outhers, take the kinfe and cut there untill you get the key.
    17. Click on the little gray box untill it flips, cut it open with the screw driver and get the key.
    18. Go up stars and put all keys in there holes.
    19. win
    20. There ya have… how to win in 20 long steps… that took long…. to type. Bye.

  55. Lutty Says:

    I can’t find the key in the pipe!!! HELP!!

  56. max cal Says:

    wat the heck how do u do this

  57. max cal Says:

    its in the pot with the plant use the knife an clickmany times

  58. kimz Says:

    thanx it was fun

  59. susy Says:

    quais sao os numeros da parte de cima

  60. susy Says:

    como acharam a continuidade do código

  61. Paul R Wilson Says:

    There seems to be something wrong with the code in this program: can’t move things (save the empty flowerpot) and if I zoom in on the keypad, I can’t zoom back. I also had hopeless trouble with Killmainham Prison.

  62. NIC Says:


  63. NIC Says:


  64. NIC Says:


  65. NIC Says:

    IN THE LOCK BOX ON BALCONY #1 CODE (173671136259496959)

  66. Anonymous Says:

    how did you get that

  67. rtr Says:


  68. rtr Says:


  69. rjm Says:

    use the screwdriver 2 getthe the wood by the flower pot on the right side

  70. fahrrad Says:

    Dies ist ein gro?er Ort. Ich m?chte hier noch einmal.

  71. kamara Says:

    i need help i don’t know what to put in for the code for the lock

  72. GlenStef Says:

    Hi, – da best. Keep it going!

    Thank you

  73. monica Says:

    so difficult! @@

  74. justin Says:

    i beated the game

  75. clara Says:

    I cannot get the key from the pipe!!!

  76. help Says:

    help help help

  77. ashley Says:

    hi kamara the code to the lockbox is 17,31,71,136,259,496,and959

  78. ashley Says:

    when u hear that noise that means there is a key there and take the knife and keep cutting it until there is a key shown

  79. ashley Says:

    lockbox code is 17,36,71,136,259,456,and959
    and i cant find the 5th key

  80. ashley Says:

    not working

  81. ashley Says:

    the code is 17,36,71,136,259,456,and959

  82. scott Says:

    i have keys 1,2,3,4,5 and 1,2,3 went in but 4 and 5 wont wat do i do???

  83. Anonymous Says:

    I know what to do hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Ivana Says:

    Hey fellowa, to open the toolbox after up have turned the toolbox, you have to use the screwdriver and not the knife as informed.

  85. Anonymous Says:


  86. venkat Says:

    Its pretty fun

  87. Anonymous Says:

    you need a skreaw driver to open tools not knife

  88. Anonymous Says:


  89. Anonymous Says:

    i cant put all of the numbers in the lockbox??

    like the last number i cant press.. SOMEONE HELPP

  90. Anonymous Says:

    ok 1st of all u use the screwdriver to open the toolbox not the knife

  91. em Says:

    what do you do

  92. em Says:

    I can not fit the code in

  93. Zych Says:

    Man can u explain to me how did u get the totally code?

    cause haven’t logic what u post Jun. who will think like that?

    explain pls!

  94. zoe Says:

    im using the screwdriver 2 open the tool box but its not opening:(

  95. zoe Says:

    plzz help

  96. ruby Says:

    how do you get the key under the mat? its the last thing i need to do!! lol

  97. chastity Says:

    i cant get key out of pipe!! i have all the others how do i get my knife to cut?

  98. chastity Says:

    still tryin to get key out of pipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. kysma Says:

    use the screwdriver on the metalbox when you use it to help you get the ladder down it says to use the knife but it doesnt work

  100. gun Says:

    i cant find where’s the first key

  101. gun Says:

    please say me what to do


    The code is too long for the machine you morons

  103. taylor Says:

    this game is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard

  104. natalie Says:

    how to get key from the pipe????

  105. juliya Says:

    how to get all the keys?

  106. jamie Says:

    first key under mat second key in balcony door third key in tool box fourth key in pipe fifth key is in key lock

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