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Sorry about the delay between games, basically we have been away/drinking/lazy/busy or whatever other excuse that works!

We have just released our new game – Bathroom Escape.

“You have managed to get yourself trapped in a bathroom, use things around you and try to escape the room”

Leave a comment below and help us all escape.

Play Escape the Bathroom

Bathroom Escape Game

55 Responses to “Bathroom Escape Game”

  1. LyMy Says:

    cant get the key out of toilet . Help must have flushed anad restarted 50 times

  2. phill Says:

    The toilet bit is annoying

  3. Anonymous Says:

    how to get the key out?????

  4. Ann Says:

    You must turn the screw on the right sight of toilet, and then flush the water)) then excrements and key will be on the floor and you can take it))

  5. Julie Says:

    what do you use to turn the screw?

  6. pugp Says:


  7. kc Says:

    this is hard

  8. nik hill Says:

    thanck,s dude

  9. jack Says:

    what do you use for the skrew

  10. jack Says:

    i mean what do you use to turn the skrew

  11. sarge Says:

    i keep getting electrocuted!!!!
    anyone know the code on the wall

  12. sarge Says:

    keep clicking in the screw

  13. emily Says:

    Where does the key go.

  14. samreen Says:

    i dont know

  15. samreen Says:

    you should play hard games

  16. Cool Says:

    wat code?????

  17. jennifer Says:

    After a while there is a black thing that shows up on the floor beside the tub, when you click it it makes a straight line to the back of the tub. If you change views then it is gone and you have to start over to find it again. (still not sure what makes it show) I got the first key to fit in the lock beside the mirror but cannot find the second key. Still no idea what the mirror msg means. Any help?

  18. megan Says:

    If you click on the first tile in front of toilet to the left a crack appears, keep clicking on it, a long pipe comes on the screen use the knife to cut a hole in middle of it, a clump of hair appears, it can be used to plug the tub drain, im lost after that

  19. davvadadvv Says:


  20. asterixx Says:

    After you found the black woolen thing put it in the bathtub then put hairdryer on the floor plug it on the right wall and switch on the power; next you open the water to fill the tub, before the water reaches the dryer jump on the table; wait till there is no more electricity in the room!!! After that zoom in the thing with the numbers besides the door (sorry, don’t know the English word)click on the arrow and the second key appears. Now you can put the keys besides the mirror, the door opens and another thing with letters requires a code >>>>that’s the point I’m stuck. No Idea how to use the hint from the mirror for that.

  21. semetrius Says:

    what is the code

  22. Kate the Great! Says:

    - Take LOTION, BLOWDRYER, KNIFE, and POWDER BOTTLE off table on right.
    – Click to zoom on toilet piping. Click on the screw repeatedly until it turns.
    – Zoom out to main view and zoom back in to see into toilet. Flush it. The key and excriment fall to the floor. Grab the KEY.
    – Put the KEY into the first lock of the cabinet next to mirror.
    – Click on first tile to the left of the toilet until the crack reveals a pipe in the floor.
    – Use the KNIFE to cut the pipe open and get the clump of HAIR.
    – Put HAIR in the tub over the drain.
    – Place the BLOWDRYER on the floor next to the table. You’ll be able to see the plug.
    – Run the plug to the outlet on the right wall and flip the power switch DOWN.
    – Without zooming in on the tub, click the tap to turn the water on.
    – Before the water reaches the blowdryer, jump onto the table.
    – When the electricity shorts everything out, flip the blowdryer switch UP to turn off the power.
    – Zoom in on the keypad next to the door and hit the arrow key. Grab the SECOND KEY.
    – Put the KEY into the second lock of the cabinet next to the mirror. Open the cabinet to reveal another keypad — this one alphabetical.
    – Pick up the LOTION and spray it onto the mirror. Some sort of clue appears.

    …and that’s where I’m lost. I have no idea how to proceed. :/
    Before you short everything out, you can turn the fan on and off, but I’m not sure of it’s purpose. It doesn’t seem to affect the mirror clue.
    And I have no idea what to do with the powder bottle either. Nothing I do seems to work with it…

  23. Bad T Says:

    spray yellow bottle of stuff on mirror 1st then put powder (looks like a salt shaker)on fan, turn on fan and message will appear on mirror

  24. asterixx Says:

    code for alphabet pad is THREE OUNCES I’m OUT!!

  25. felicia Says:

    how do you get over to the toleit

  26. Julie Says:

    Does it take quite a long time for the crack to show up?

  27. jaosn Says:


  28. iceman Says:

    where did you get three ounces from? i got the clue on the window and all that, but how did you get three ounces from that

  29. asterixx Says:

    I guessed it, looked at the letters and thought of matching numbers to them. Sometimes I’m a lucky one.

  30. Tiarrah Says:

    when u put in three ounces get the key and put it in the door then u r out and u win

  31. kat Says:

    how many times need i click the screw to turn it,.surely not just several-

  32. bathroom fiend Says:

    i cant get hair in tub wat do i do???¬!!

  33. lindsy Says:

    hey im lindsy were is the screw and i clicked on the first floor board by the toilet but it dosent do anything. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Marty Says:

    if 3/4 soap + 3/4 ounces=1 soap
    3/4 ounces = 1/4 soap
    so 1 soap = 3 ounces

  35. jeekx Says:

    arr!!! I am not going to play this game any more!

  36. zac Says:

    do you have to zoom in to click on the tile to make a crack

  37. Dalwine Says:

    the fan dont work then

  38. savi Says:

    u mean the tile close to the toilet bowl or the toilet door … i cant find the pipe ahhhhh helpppppppp

  39. blabble Says:

    oh, the powder doesn’t work, and the screwing either, how can i get out??? help!

  40. DathPaulo Says:

    – pick up bath brush (bathtub screen)
    – go left once
    – click on lower left side of the toilet and pick up the control valve (looks like a tap handle)
    – click on the lower right side of the toilet and pick up the suction nozzle
    – click on the water tank above the toilet and click on the top, n click on the red metal piece inside
    – go left twice
    – click on the stuff placed infront of the mirror
    – pick up tooth brush & the blue glass with the denture inside
    – open the pink cabinet next to the wash basin n get teh red glue tube
    – combine the denture & red metal piece (this will change the metal piece to a small saw
    – combine the small saw & tooth brush (this will cut the brush and make a handle out of it)
    – combine the glue with the handle (this will apply the glue on both ends of the handle
    – click on the small icon on the mirror, below the tubelight (its a fly, it will hint you to the spider web above the bathtub & the sealed window above the door)
    – turn left (to the bathtub screen) click on the open grill above the bathtub which has the spider in it & place the suction nozzle over it
    – go left twice
    – click on the sealed window above the door & drag the brush to the wooden seal (this will remove the wooden seal from the window)
    – go left once
    – again click on the fly on the mirror top, it will fly n go out of the window above the door, get a part 1 of key drop it on the floor then pick it up
    combine handle with glue
    – combine with part 1 of key use on door

  41. DarthPaulo Says:

    some good games can be played on

  42. DarthPaulo Says:

    sorry the answer to your questions is

  43. DarthPaulo Says:

  44. Nuno Says:

    -grab the objects over the tabble and then… quit… worst game ever.


  45. maddi Says:

    it dosnt work

  46. maddi Says:

    this is really hard and i cant get the tile in front of the toilet to break danget WTF

  47. G Says:

    this is no the correct walk through!

  48. a person Says:


  49. a person Says:

    WUT!!!???!!! i SUCK at math and have not 1 clue wut u
    r tlkin about

  50. a person Says:

    u click on the tub and it will zoom in then u just click and hold the hair ball thingy and put it over the drain and thats about it

  51. ash Says:

    u got ta turn off the water behind the toliet 1st

  52. tt Says:

    where is the tile so i can click so i can get pass that it is taking me hours to fin the stupid tile

  53. tt Says:

    im about to go crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyy because i cant find that tile hhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllpppppppp

  54. tt Says:

    okr you should not5 play this game again

  55. tt Says:

    jk you should still play the game it just meh

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