Pirate Ship Escape

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The whole GH team have been on holidays for a while but we are back with a new original game – Pirate Ship Escape!

“You have been kidnapped by pirates and taken aboard the pirate ship, you need to escape the ship with your mothers diamond ring before they make you walk the plank”

Please help us all escape by leaving a comment below.

Play Pirate Ship Escape

Pirate Ship Escape

77 Responses to “Pirate Ship Escape”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    i like cheese and pickles

  3. digimnogal Says:

    how do u use the egg? lol

  4. digimongal Says:

    hi to uall

  5. anika Says:


  6. pokemon hater Says:


  7. Sassy Says:

    can you give some cheats or hints please

  8. Sassy Says:

    i like you guys

  9. GAP Says:


  10. lilu Says:

    hi, what is next after getting an egg?

  11. charlotte Says:

    after getting the egg how do you get to the next room or even move – what do you do with the egg?

  12. charlotte Says:

    do you know what to do next?

  13. charlotte Says:

    yeah do what the girl/boy says!!!!!!!!!

  14. charlotte Says:

    eggsactly. get it? EGG-SACTLY.

  15. Miley - smiley Says:

    I love my boyfriend

  16. Ali B Says:

    i need to know what to do with the egg

  17. Anonymous Says:


  18. Kiley Says:


  19. Kiley Says:


  20. Anonymous Says:

    i think this web game is stopinb

  21. kiaya loetz maire Says:

    i think this web sits rock okay if you dont like it then to bad. beacase i got to say i love it. its the gratis web site i ever playd on . i love love love love love thius web site okay. you got that .this is the cool ist web site i ever played on in angel histery . it rock and it is very cool okay.

  22. kiaya loetz maire Says:

    i love love love love love love love l0ove love love love lover love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this game

  23. Anonymous Says:

    dont know what to do

  24. Anonymous Says:

    hey guys!!!! please do some helpful hints please?? idk what 2 do with the egg!!! i’m 2 stuck!!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    how do you get the key out of the dogs mouth?

  26. darren Says:


  27. I HAVE 2,894,503 STD'S Says:

    scroll down for answers
    when you first get the egg,
    you drag it…
    the dogs mouth

  28. I HAVE 2,894,503 STD'S Says:


  29. I HAVE 2,894,503 STD'S Says:

    NO I DId

  30. I HAVE 2,894,503 STD'S Says:

    Or DiD I ?1?1?!!??11?23589?
    No i did

  31. shayna Says:

    you have to

  32. Angel Says:

    I managed to get this far:
    *click the egg from the bowl (make sure its in your items bar
    *keep clicking on the right leg of the table until it breaks off (make sure its in yout I. bar)
    *Use the wood to smash off both legs on the skeleton
    * the first leg drop by the dogs bowl… get the key
    *use the key to unlock and open the door
    *use the 2nd leg to lure in the dog into your cell
    *when its eating CLOSE the door
    *when the door is closed click on the top left door way

    *Click on the captains door (0n the left)
    *FIRST! drop the egg outside the door then drag the purple stone to the door
    *enter the captains door
    *get the matches, barrel, knife and blue sleave
    *Exit the captains door and click on the control panel on the right near the door
    *enter the code *EDWARD THATCH*… get the diamond ring on the bottom right stack of coins (its just barely visable)
    *exit the room and head for room at the end of the corridor.. enter it!
    *use the shovel to put gun powder into the cannon, load the ball in too.
    *click on the wheel and spin it fully around
    *the lighting fuse needs to be dragged into the small round window
    *exit back into the hallway
    *head up onto the deck

    *FIRST place the barrel in the bottom left corner.
    *use the knife to cut a hole in it.
    *Use the knife to cut the rope attached to the raft.
    *use the diamond ring to cut the metal pole.
    *click on the raft and jump over board

    heres the odd part.
    you should be in the raft next to the cannons…
    the fuse should be hanging out the small hole
    for me it wasnt!!!!!!!!!!!! 0_o
    if it is your you.. well done!!!!

    I now assume you light the fuse and watch the ship blow up.

    if i am wrong let me know k!!

  33. nu7ec Says:

    Solving the fuse problem:

    U have to put more than one loads of gunpowder into the cannon.
    Then you have to click on the fuse again. If you don’t see the bundle at the end of the fuse in the hole: well done!:)
    Blow the mothaf*ckas up!XD

  34. joy Says:

    how do u lure the dog?

  35. me Says:

    i do not konw hoe to escape.Can someone speak Chinese?
    Help me,please.I am very puzzled.You can tell me by snding e-mail.Thanks a lot!

  36. me Says:

    can you speak Chinese?
    I need your help.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    i won

  38. Anonymous Says:


  39. Z Says:

    i only used one load of gunpowder…and i blew up the ship…

  40. Anonymous Says:


  41. Anonymous Says:


  42. emily Says:

    what school do you go to , hornbill or panaga?

  43. man Says:

    thanks man i blew the ship up

  44. harpreet Says:

    i don’T know

  45. Supersox Says:

    what is after the ring

  46. Supersox Says:

    i know some

  47. Supersox Says:

    Faker then

  48. Supersox Says:

    i don’t know thats what i’m working out

  49. Supersox Says:

    have you compleated it? if you have help me…

  50. Supersox Says:


  51. Supersox Says:


  52. Supersox Says:

    help me then

  53. Mary Says:

    This game is so hard!I keep on getting caught.I’m almost nine and I know how to put capitals in sentences and other stuff.I’m smarter because I know how to punctuate my sentences I write.And I’m not kidding about that I’m nine.I swear to God that I’m almost nine.You guys are so stupid and dum!

  54. bla Says:

    you have to put more gunpowder in and lift the string into it before you do anything and put it in carefully

  55. bla Says:

    and you still get killed in the end

  56. Anonymous Says:

    you have to put some gun powder in the cannon along with the cannon ball. then you have to click on the little ball on the back of the cannon to move it. move it untill it is all the way back. also click and drag the end of the string to move it out the smaller hole on the wall. good luck!!

  57. Anonymous Says:

    ya click repetedly on the leg of the table (the right leg) and use that on the the knees of the skeleton. then use on of the bones and put it in the dogs cage. take the key and open the door. put the other bone in front of the door and the dog should come. then just shut the door and click on the entrance to the far left. good luck!!

  58. adriana Says:

    omg i think i like this game but i dont understand it lol.

  59. em Says:

    I love the web as well

  60. em Says:

    You have to put 10 loads of gunpowder.

  61. em Says:

    you have to put 10 loads of gunpowder in.

  62. anonymous Says:


  63. kelly Says:

    wut is up with this egg

  64. jessi Says:

    where is te diamond ring

  65. jessi Says:

    yay the boat actually blew up

  66. jessi Says:

    found the ring

  67. shani Says:

    dont know how to start it

  68. gabriel Says:

    what do i do with the egg

  69. priyanka Says:

    i like mango picles

  70. priyanka Says:


  71. priyanka Says:

    nothing u fool

  72. Juan Rodriguez Says:

    hey people i need help to escape the pirate ship how do i get the key from the dog!!!!

  73. kay Says:

    how do you smash the skeleton

  74. rr Says:

    hints please

  75. Noah Says:

    Now what?

  76. Noah Says:

    so now what do I do next.

  77. sv Says:

    better than facebook

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