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Your gonna love this game if you are a sci-fi fan;

“In this science fiction adventure thriller you awake in a strange vat in a disturbing laboratory. You don’t know who you are in this can you escape the lab in this atmospheric puzzle game”

Leave a comment below and help us all escape!

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Being One Escape Game

Being One Escape Game

6 Responses to “Being One Escape Game”

  1. bing Says:

    Whats the computer password?

  2. em Says:

    I dont know

  3. em Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    how do i open the vat?

  5. lin Says:

    1 open the vat:
    see two wires in front of you, click them to connect. check your lefe and right, there are two locks, click them to unlock. then click the thing in the middle
    2 after the vat is open, you see one phone, pick it up. it will keep on giving you clues.
    3 get up and look around
    see the red mug on the computer table, move it, you will find a drawer key under. open the first drawer, there is one document, on top of which is the password of the computer “angle”.
    log into the computer, it will tell you that you need to collect 8 samples of blood for the test.
    use the key to open the second drawer,find the first blood sample.
    check the dark corner near fire extinguisher, a dustbin there with the 2nd sample.
    3rd sample is just on the lower table to the right side of the computer table, easy to see.
    4 now turn to right, where the vat you were in locates. you see number 5921 written on the wall, that’s code for terminating 1st speciman.
    here on the very low left corner on the floor near those pipes, the 4th sample.
    5 turn right, see cabinets on the left, open the bottom doors, the 5th sample. from here you see three arrows in front, check them one after another.
    6 you will find the 6 sample on the shelf with a lot of tubes in science equipment room.
    turn right, on the way to specimens, there is a closed cupboard under the words “administration” in darkness, open it, that is the 7th sample.
    keep turning right, on the floor of specimen room, here is the 8th and last sample you need.
    7 go to keypad 1, put in the code 5921. click the “power cable”, that is the black pipe on the upper right side to terminate it. you get the green keycard from there, and the mobile phone will tell you that you need to collect all together three cards and reset three tripswitches.
    8 check specimen 2 report beside keypad 2 and find the code is 7782. open it and do the same as specimen 1, get the second keycard.
    9 back to sceince equipment room. click sample analyzer on the table to send the analysis to computer.
    10 log into computer again, check “specimen 3-status report”, find the code 1259. termininate specimen 3 and get the last keycard.
    11 the three tripswitches locations are: one to the left of the vat near pipes; one on the left wall of science equipment room; one on the left wall of exit. click the tip of the arrows to switch them on.
    12 back to computer, choose “activate the door”
    13 go out through the exit, there is a robot guarding there shooting you. turn the four wheels on right and left side of the corridor, and put the switch on the right side from off to on.


  6. dogman Says:

    its not angel it dont fit

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