Locked Inside 2 Game

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I’ve been racking my brain for ages now trying to work this one out!

“The second and final episode of the Locked Inside saga. Can you finally find a way to escape, or will you be locked inside forever”

Leave a comment below and help me get out

Play Locked Inside 2

Locked Inside 2 Game

Some Gym Class Escape Hints

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We have been getting some negative feedback on our latest game Gym Class Escape, and I must admit that our game developer must have been one angry man when he made this!

We have been getting some comments by people saying that it must be faulty or buggy. This isn’t true as the game can be completed, it is just real tough.

Here are some hints for you guys to help out;

  • There is a relationship between the knife and the pommel horse
  • Don’t worry about the password until the second trophy cabinet is open
  • You will have to click tiny spots (that’s all I’m saying)

I will write more in the next few days if you guys are having some more trouble.

Cheers guys

PS. next game won’t be as annoying!

Gym Class Escape Game

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We have a new game!!!!

Do you remember back to the ol’ school days and weep at the thought of gym class, well toughen up fat boy!! Now you have to try and escape the gym class before you have to climb ropes and throw balls at each other.

“You hate gym class so much that you need to get out of it, use things in the gym to escape”

Leave a comment below and try to help others get out

Play Gym Class Escape

Gym Class Escape Game

Locker Room Escape Game

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We have been so busy working out here at GH hq we had to make a game about a change room (not really – we just ran out of room ideas!).

“You are trapped in a locker room, you must find the correct key to escape”

Leave a comment below and help us all escape.

Play Locker Room Escape

Locker Room Escape Game

Balcony Escape Game

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Our latest game we have just released here at GH leaves you stuck on a balcony and cannot get off!

“You are trapped on a balcony high up on a building, you must find 5 keys to get back inside”

Leave a comment below and try to get off the balcony

Play Escape the Balcony

Play Balcony Escape Game

Ski Chalet Escape Game

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It’s that time of year for the snow to fall and the sun to never emerge, so why not play a ski chalet escape game! Leave a comment below and get yourself out of the ski chalet.

“The weather is finally perfect for skiing, but you are stuck in your ski chalet room. Use your logic to escape!”

Play Ski Chalet Escape

Ski Chalet Escape Game

Darkroom Escape Game

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It’s been a few weeks since we last released an escape game so we are stoked to release our latest – darkroom escape.

“You are stuck in the darkroom of a studio, use the items in the darkroom and escape”

Leave a comment below and lets all get out of the darkroom!

Play Darkroom Escape

Santa Claus Boy Escape Game

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It’s Christmas time and you are stuck inside some random house!!

Escape from the stranger’s house where the boy had get trapped by using the objects found inside the house”

Leave a comment below and try to escape before Santa arrives!

Play Santa Claus Boy Escape

Santa Claus Boy Escape Game

Christmas Escape Game

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Well it’s that time of year again to stuff yourself full of food, talk to those random relatives again, spend all your money and get drunk on cheap wine! So we thought we’d help out passing the time by making a special Christmas escape game.

“You have been locked in a stall in the mall on Christmas eve and you have to escape to get home for Christmas”

Leave a comment below and help everyone escape!

Play Christmas Escape

Christmas Escape Game

Locked Inside – Episode 1

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Well it’s been a few days since I last posted here (just that time of the year!), so I figured today I have to post an escape game.

“You are locked inside a room. Interact with the objects inside the room to find a way out. Once you escape though, is that the end…?”

Play Locked Inside – Episode 1

Locked Inside Game

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