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Wow its been a long time since I have added a blog post, I guess we have been having just way too much fun over the holiday period down here at GH hq.

We do have a new game ready for you guys which will be released tomorrow, and its another escapeee!!

Check back tomoz and I’ll have more details about the new game.

Take it easy guys!

Sniper WWI Game

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It’s been ages since we last released a sniper game so we thought we would start the new year off with a blast. Due to the huge success of our sniper WW2 game a while ago we thought we would go back in time a little and make a sniper WW1 game.

The object of the game is pretty simple, with the description of each mission listed out before you start.

The controls are pretty simple;

  • Mouse aims and shoots
  • Up arrow will raise the sniper from the trench
  • Space bar will re-load

Play Sniper WWI

Sniper WW1 Game

Santa Claus Boy Escape Game

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It’s Christmas time and you are stuck inside some random house!!

Escape from the stranger’s house where the boy had get trapped by using the objects found inside the house”

Leave a comment below and try to escape before Santa arrives!

Play Santa Claus Boy Escape

Santa Claus Boy Escape Game

Christmas Games

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It’s that time of year again – Christmas!

We have already released our christmas escape game but I thought I’d also make a special page just for all the christmassy games we host, there are a bunch on there so have a go over the holiday period. Just click the link below to start playing some of the christmas games;

Play Christmas Games

Christmas Escape Game

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Well it’s that time of year again to stuff yourself full of food, talk to those random relatives again, spend all your money and get drunk on cheap wine! So we thought we’d help out passing the time by making a special Christmas escape game.

“You have been locked in a stall in the mall on Christmas eve and you have to escape to get home for Christmas”

Leave a comment below and help everyone escape!

Play Christmas Escape

Christmas Escape Game

Locked Inside – Episode 1

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Well it’s been a few days since I last posted here (just that time of the year!), so I figured today I have to post an escape game.

“You are locked inside a room. Interact with the objects inside the room to find a way out. Once you escape though, is that the end…?”

Play Locked Inside – Episode 1

Locked Inside Game

Escape From The Pyramid

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Just like the legendary Carter, Carnarvon and Gould, you too have been cursed by some old Pharaoh stuff and you are stuck in a Pyramid.

You have to do stuff, use stuff, interact with stuff, move stuff and try not to get too much sand in your clacker! Get out quickly before the curse become permanent (or you just become bored of the game!).

Play Escape the Pyramid

Escape the Pyramid Game

Garage Escape Game

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Somehow you have managed to get yourself stuck inside your garage (although my garage has a bar and a big screen TV so I would be happy to get stuck inside).

“You are stuck inside of a garage! Use the items in the garage and figure out a way to escape”

Use as usual your mouse to find stuff, do stuff, interact with stuff and get out of that garage. Leave a comment below and help me get out as well!

Play Garage Escape

Garage Escape Game

Escape the Submarine

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Where have we been all week… I have been off finishing our latest escape game!

For all you navy men and submariners out there we have a boat of a game for you, you better get out before you start sleeping with the fishes.

“You are the last sailor to survive an explosion on a submarine, you must escape the sub before it fills with water and you drown”

Leave a comment below and lets escape the submarine!

Play Escape the Submarine

Tipping Point 4

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I’ve never played the first 3 parts but I have to say part 4 is a fairly unique style point and click game.

“Tipping Point is a photo-realistic point-and-click adventure game written in Flash, there are no rules and no instructions so you can jump right in and start playing immediately”

Leave your comment below and try to escape the tipping point.

Play Tipping Point 4

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