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You are trapped in the bathroom and you need to escape.

Key in Toilet
There is a key in the toilet. You MUST first turn off toilet water tap behind the toilet. You may need to click it a few times. Now you can flush the toilet, it overflows and out comes the key.

Pipe Under Tiles
There is a pipe hidden behind one of the tiles. One of the tiles in the bathroom can be broken by clicking it about 20 times. Once the tile is broken, there is a pipe revealed. You must use the knife to cut the pipe. This pipe is clogged with hair. The user must collect this hair. This will later be used to block up the bath tub.

Window Code
You must spray window cleaner onto the mirror, then put in talcom powder in the exhaust fan on the roof. When you turn on the switch for the fan it blows the talcom powder onto the mirror, revealing a code. You must do this before the electricity is fried. The code revealed on the mirror is: "Soap weighs 3/4 soap + 3/4 ounces"

You must plug in the hairdryer and put it on the ground. Next you must block the bathtub drainpipe with the hair. You can then turn on the bath tap causing it to overflow. The water on the ground hits the hairdryer and causes electricity to overload the keypad. When doing this you must stand on a bench and turn on the powerpoint for the hairdryer.

You must turn on the powerpoint before the water hits the hairdryer. If you turn it on after it is covered with water you get blown up. Also, after the electricity overloads, you must then turn off the powerpoint otherwise get electrocuted.

After the electricity is overloaded, you can then press any button on the keypad, and it will open a secret compartment in the wall. In this compartment there is a key. This key will open the cupboard in the room.

Final Door Key
The final door key is hidden in the cupboard. The cupboard requires two keys, you must open this cupboard with the key from the toilet and from the compartment. Inside this cupboard, there is another keypad. It has written on it "How heavy is the soap". You must enter "three ounces" as the answer. You can then get the final key and exit the bathroom.


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