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Murder Escape

Murder Escape Walkthrough

  • Collect the notebook from the book case. This will give you many clues for the game
  • Collect the power adapter from under the bookcase
  • Collect the eyeball from the blood spill
  • Collect the yellow keys from the window sill
  • Use the code in the notebook to open the safe. Get the green keys
  • Use both sets of keys in the chest of drawer and collect the tool, the wrench and the car key
  • Open the power box with the tool
  • Use the wrench to turn the power on
  • Open the safe with the iris scanner with the eyeball. Get the CD
  • Plug the computer in with the power adapter
  • Insert the CD and then play the "favourite game" to get the exit code
  • Go back to the PC when the disc is out and enter the password. This is ""
  • The door keypad in now activated
  • Enter the exit code and escape in the car

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