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Classic & Retro

Visible 2

Part 2 of this upside down game, watch your step and watch your shadows step

Tweet Force

Become a chicken that lays explosive eggs to complete your missions in Tweet Force

Banana Flip

Flip gravity and avoid the shooting ducks to get to your favorite food, bananas

Frizzle Fraz

Bouncy, swimmy, friendly Big Frizzle to the rescue!

Diamond Disco Dance Off

Diamond Disco Dance Off. Select 1 of 3 dancers and shake your hips to see if you can become a legend of disco

Zombie Invaders

You must shoot down wave after wave of zombies in this Halloween inspired classic

Headless Halloween

The Headless Horseman needs your help to stop the Evil Scarecrow from smashing all the pumpkins!

41st Reality

A trippy and fast paced arcade action shooter

Escape From Hell

Gary was a good man, but he's sent to Hell. Help him to climb the Cavern Of Darkness to reach the Heaven and escape from Hell's flames.


Shirk is incredibly simple and amazingly frustrating at the same time - all you have to do is move your dot and not crash into the walls


You must control a board to hit a ball and destroy all the bricks, you have over forty 3D levels to complete


Everybody knows and has played games in the Snake genre. Now there's a new kind of Snake in town, with silky smooth gameplay, colorful graphics, multipliers and super-high scores. Classic Mode included for those feeling nostalgic.

Fracture 2

You must destroy the infection that has taking hold in you, shoot the enemies in quick succession and get a high score

Jump n Bump

Jump n Bump is an insanely addictive retro platformer. Avoid hazards and collect stars in order to bounce your way to victory

Mine Link

Rid the screen of mines by creating a chain of explosions

Muck about with Cupid and Fate

Help Cupid collect traditional love icons such as hearts, chocolates and flowers which work against him and game consoles, pints of beer and hamburgers which help him progress to the vortex.


Multiple pinball machines wrapped into one game. Unlike a regular pinball game, you use a paddle to bounce the pinball around the machine


Water based arcade game, use your arrow keys to jump in and out of the water collecting the stars and avoiding the bombs

360 Defence

Defend your ship using the blocker and rotating it around in a 360 degree Angle while blocking the bullets from hitting the ship

Star Trap

Star Trap is a combination between a space shoot em up and a strategy trading game. Fly between planets shooting aliens and grabbing loot and then trade on neighboring planets for better weapons, armor and more.