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Animal Athletics

Compete in 3 insane athletic games, testing your skill and speed. You will need quick fingers, fast reactions and good mouse wiggling skills to beat the best in this all out action sports game

Ultra Triathlon

A cool game of running, swimming, and biking. Go head-to-head or try to beat the clock

Redneck Olympics

Compete in the Redneck Olympics and claim your prize as the top Monster Truck Drivin, Hog Tossin and Pumpkin Shootin competitor ever alive

Torch Runner

You're a world class runner tasked with carrying the torch for the Summer Games through the streets of New York. Passers by want to put the flame out so, as you run, you must avoid their water pistols

Risky Rider 2

Take daring jumps and reach the sky! Get your bike as high as possible, beat all the levels and become the ultimate extreme sports showman


Discus Champion is an addictive game of skill and timing, based on the famous athletic throwing event. Repeatedly strike the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to build up speed, then hit SPACE to release the discus. Do you have what it take to break the curre

Boxing Champ

Are you a contender for the Boxing World Title? Choose a trainer, work on your stamina and punching and then enter the ring in this cool boxing game!

Euro 2008 Headers

Euro 2008 is finally here and we are giving you the chance to use your head like you've never done before! Play in exciting single-player or multi-player modes and compete against top European teams to win your way to UEFA glory

Precision Penalties

Players use the mouse to determine the power of the kick and also aim, the closer to the hotspot you kick, the more points you score. You must also determine how much spin is placed on the ball, the further from the center, the more spin. All while still

The Champions 2

Bring your favorite soccer team all the way to the final in this new exciting football game and become the supreme team in 2008

Flash Striker

Top-down viewed football game. Use all your dribbling and shooting skills to score goals and qualify for the next round. Use mouse to control the player and to shoot. To bend the ball, move mouse pointer to the desired direction.

Last Touchdown

Power Max woke up in the morning and realized that he was late for the football final. Help Max get to the match and win the American Football Championship


A really cool scuba diving game, you must complete each task on each level to progress

Superstar Golf

Are you a Golf Superstar? Select from Jaws, Claws, Scotty, The Brit or Princess and prove it over 9 holes. Choose your club with care and stay out of the sand

Trick Hoops Challenge

Challenge the toughest basketball players and defeat them on the street, at their own game

Racehorse Tycoon

Buy a horse, hire jockeys and trainers, win races and gamble your winnings in this great new horse-racing RPG game. Go and pick a winner!

Goalkeeper Challenge

Are you a budding Gordon Banks or as blind as John Lukic? Try out your keeper skills in one of the toughest soccer games on the web

Monte Alpenspitze

A great mountaineering simulation game. First you must decide what to carry up the mountain, then you must conquer a variety of tough climbs

Crossing Cup

Play both offense and defense and try to beat your opposition in this cool soccer game

Crossbar Challenge

Can you hit the crossbar from the halfway line in this tricky Football game?

Ultimate Billiards 2

Try and clear the pool table before the time runs out. Using your mouse aim the cue ball where you would like it to go and control your shot by holding down the mouse

African Nations Cup

Can you win the cup in this Penalty Shootout football game of the African Nations Cup

GH Mini Golf

Play a quite 10 holes of mini golf in this challenging course. Use your mouse to control direction and power, and go for holes in 1

Docking Perfection 2

Pick up the impatient punters and take them from jetty to jetty - and get it done fast

Stickman Tennis

You have to get 3 games to win the match. Enjoy!

Nail It

Description: Swing your hammer and hit the nails on the head. Controls: [Space] button

Water Polo

Choose to play from over 10 different countries in this addicting water polo game. Try one player mode and see how far you can make it through the tournament, but can you beat the last level?

Mountain Falls

Ski downhill while avoiding logs and trees. Grind poles and perform some tricks!

Quarterback KO

Use your mouse to move the ball from left to right and try to pass successfully to your runners. And don't get sacked!

Glowmonkey Skateboarding

Have fun skateboarding downhill through the city. Avoid obstacles and do aerial tricks.

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