Hospital Escape

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After a big night out you woke up in a weird hospital. You can’t remember what happened. Your hands are tied up and you can’t move. You need to escape, fast!

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1) You need to cut the rope that is tying your hands. Get the glass from the light. Figure out how to break the light to get the piece of glass

2) In order to get out of the room, you need to distract the nurse. Use the items in the room to create a distraction or maybe use them to cause someone else to create a distraction.

3) Pay attention to where the clock hands are pointing. Those two numbers are critical.

4) There is an ID card in the bathroom. Flood the bathroom.

5) Keep your memory in-tact and don’t take any other meds, they could harm you.

6) Be careful which floors you use in the elevator. You only need to access a couple.

7) Distract the surgeon.

8) Getting off the roof should be easy now.