You command four heroes (chosen from 6 unique classes), standing at a Crossroads as monsters approach from all directions. On each turn, select an ability from each fighter's formidable repertoire -- or wheel the team around to face the onslaught from a new angle.

Mama stands in the middle of the heroes and must be protected at all costs! She is the one who will guide you through The Haze (and she makes excellent soup).

As you journey, you will discover new environments and deadlier beasts. Though enemies assault you at every crossroads, you will also have time to visit towns and merchants, and upgrade your heroes' skills as you choose. It will make all the difference in the battles to come!

Each character has unique dialogue, and your party will converse together as they uncover the secrets of The Haze and prepare to face their greatest challenge -- returning from the mists to do battle with the fearsome Bandit King himself (and/or sneak up and stab him)!
Instructions: there is a tutorial at the beginning of the game to set you on the right road. The whole game can be controlled with the mouse, but the following keyboard shortcuts may also be used:

ATTACK: [spacebar]
ROTATE: [left and right arrows] or ["A" and "D"]

Enable "fast-forward" mode by pressing "." at the beginning of a battle. (return to normal speed by pressing ",")
Tips: For an easier game, make sure the Paladin and the Sorcerer are in your party, as they both have Healing abilities. The King is something of a late bloomer -- add him if you are okay with a more challenging early game.


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