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Shoot 'em up

Love Overdose

Get ready for a love bear massacre. Save humanity from a love overdose

Thing Thing Arena 3

The object of Thing-Thing Arena 3 is to kill as many enemies as possible and to do so with style

Bunny Invasion 2

Defend the pub from incoming bunnies

War Droids

Use your hi-tech space gun and wardroid building factories to destroy the hostile droids and finally destroy their motherbase

Love Overdose

Get ready for a love bear massacre. Save humanity from a love overdose


Hitstick is a shooter game with awesome graphics and 4 exciting settings around the world. Select between two guns, your choice of difficulty and try to sift as many heads as possible

Panda Tactical Sniper 2

Panda is back in trouble, help him out!

Urban Soldier

Survive this game by shooting the brains out of hordes of zombies! The urban soldier is in town to take care of business baby

Desert Rifle

Defend your desert position for six long days

No More Reinforcements

Take your tank and blast your opponents in a bunch of levels

Sniper WWI

You are a sniper on the fields of battle in WWI, can you complete all the missions and survive the war

The Sniper 2

A sneaky Sniper sequel, snipe the snipers before they snipe you

Dropship Commander

Defend your base against an onslaught of bugs. Collect rocks to buy and upgrade various defenses, repairs and turrets to deploy

Eternal Red

A hybrid defense and platformer game. Build your defenses then back them up with your own weapon

Sift X Mass

Vinnie’s girlfriend is back and she brought the holiday spirit with her

Age of War

Take control of 16 different units and 15 different turrets to defend your base and destroy your enemy

Vinnies Shooting Yard 4

Vinnie’s back and he’s ready to sift some more heads in Vinnie’s Shooting Yard 4. Practice your shooting skills with the choice of a Desert Eagle, a Dragunov or Shuriken stars

Zombie Canyon

Stop the rebelling zombies before they exit the canyon and eat all the human brains in Zombville

Ghosty Ghosty

Your task is to protect the village at night from all the ghosts who go hunting for people

Halloween Clash

Your small cottage is being attacked by hordes of pumpkin-headed goblins, and only some old-fashioned six-gun shooting action can save you from becoming yet another Halloween casualty

Tactical Assassin Substratum

More missions to test your Tactical Assassination skills. Read the briefings first then go out and perform your missions

Devil Run

You are humanities only hope! Zombies are taking over the city! Shoot their arms, legs and bits!

Panda Tactical Sniper

Your friend the Panda has got himself into some trouble, use your trusty gun and help the Panda get his hobnobs back

Shooter Accuracy and Speed

You are surrounded by The Dirty Armies. shoot as much as you can to gain a lot of points. if you are running out of bullets, or lose all your health, you will be lose. Cautious The Dirty Armies are really dangerous and they are a lot by numbers. Con

Sniper Defense

You are the only guardian of the castle and you must fend off wave after wave of suicidal creatures bent on your destruction

Zayo 3

Will Zayo destroy the source of all zombies, or will he slowly become a zombie himself? Play the final chapter of this awesome platform shooter to find out!


Play as a cell, grow and mulitply to produce friendly cells to help kill the bad ones. I got the idea for this whilst watching evolution, not that it's anything like evolution but there you go. The gameplay is pretty simple, collect the little yellow

Sift With Shorty

Here comes Vinnie's girlfriend with some high killing skills. Assisting Vinnie's in his kind of 'quest' to get any city rid of mafia or other criminal organizations is not an easy job

Elite Shooter

Shoot up enemies in four splendid combat scenes. Use appropriate weapons in different situations. You have the license to kill.

Save The Witness

The stickman president has been assassinated!! The only witness was willing to stand and testify, but only on his conditions: a trial without guards and no protection. You, as an FBI elite sniper, have to protect him in secret

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